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What Leaders Can Learn From Beyonce Knowles

There is something to say about great driving. Last weekend was the Super Bowl. This is the national event where the mignons can see the biggest in the biggest football, and they stick each other to a silver sphere, a glittering ring, conquer rights and general financial growth. This is the same event when masses can receive a 15-minute mini-concert with one of the main names in the show business. This year we have been given the opportunity to show Beyonce Knowles as a mid-term act.

You can argue over the whole day why this is inappropriate. Yes, it's pretty provocative for a mixed audience. Yes, your songs are questionable and the lyrics all sex. And yes, they know they hardly wear clothes. Taking all these things away, one thing can not be denied. The woman's performer and craft top

Because getting on the road to ever being one of the best performers, she has to make sure she is what distinguishes her. As I strictly take care of entertaining or entertaining things, I always try to see "what lessons can I learn from this" or "how would it help me to do anything better". I did not pay attention to the half-time show until she was alive. As I said, she was provocative and in a family with my family. It would be very wrong to look there.

Instead, I got the receipt on YouTube. I try to do my utmost to study the magnitude of the action, and Beyonce happens to be one of the people I've looked at closely. One of your YouTube videos gives you an in-depth look at one of the presentations. Only the amount of professionalism and commitment appears in the planning stages so that most of us can recover. Remember, the current practice of the event has not yet happened. He sets the practice of practicing the show. It's amazing how much you take away from the full concept of your concerts.

But back to the Super Bowl mid-term show. As I suspect, the show is another example of leadership in practice. As I mentioned earlier, this woman is the highest in her area. He is an entertainer in his own, confident in his own ability to win viewers and persuade the audience to file. His dance chats can move alone from every teenage boy. Because of its lyrics, more children can be born on the night of their concerts. In fact, her voice is not that bad. So, where was driving in this?

He has all the ability to share his stage with two other women who are likely to never receive the opportunity again. He decided to allow Kelly and Michelle to stage on stage in one of the world's most significant arenas. The Destiny Child is back. All three ladies stood on a stage, crushing the backdrops. The move was wholly brilliant and demonstrated the highest form of leadership: humility. Beyonce needs help singing? Do not you have to dance? Do you need help with the mass command? No. Are the other ladies having a stronger voice than her? No. What do you have to win to allow other ladies to finally perform on her "a" stage? Nothing. But he did. If you do not see leadership in this, please look closer.

I'm trying to be this kind of leader. Beyonce's act has shown that he trusts his abilities in his own field and that he does not intimidate other people to divide the spotlight. You know that he is the centerpiece and there is no harm to catching other people and feeling what he is doing and how he does it. Kelly and Michelle are more than likely likely to never perform before such a crowd. While they both continued their career outside of Destiny's Child, they never realized the success of solo artists on the group. This is probably their last chance at this level. Beyonce, on the other hand, can be very good.

What can I learn from this? When we are in a leading position, we must take the lead. We need to know that they are prepared and prepared to do our job, no matter how talented the next person is. We are confident that we can do the job alone if we need it, but they give us more helpfulness and give another shot to someone. Leaders should be able to act without pressure and act prone to acting, that is, dance moves that others can follow or imitate. We need to know how to delegate tasks or texts to supporters. We have to stand in front of us and put our name on the line, regardless of the result, good or bad.

Driving can only be tricky and complicated if we allow. Mostly, leaders know how to act and what to do. If you are a leader, you are because you have an innate leadership that others see in you. We can still learn from other leaders. This weekend I decided to learn from Beyonce. I would like you to do the same.

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