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How do we handle the national team in Football Manager FM 2010?

Football Manager is a series of football management simulation PC games developed by Sports Interactive (SIGames) and released by Sega. The latest version is Football Manager 2010 (FM 2010).

Managed by various national teams of Football Manager, managing a club and a team at Football Manager at one time. This is basically 2 team leaders. When I was playing with Manchester United, he offered to handle the Brazilian and British teams. When I played in the Spanish Championship as Xerez, I was in a leading position in Italy, Spain and France. I usually do not get this job done. If you win a lot of championship cups and win the UEFA Champions League, FA will immediately offer its national leadership position. The situation usually occurs after the big cup, such as the World Cup or the European Cup, after 2-4 years. Most managers will get a bag after the poor performance in this main cup, or the manager alone will give up.

Selected management is simple. I usually use a general tactic like 4-4-2 most often, or version 4-1-2-1-2 for defense, if necessary. One thing to keep in mind is that we continue to win when we run the national team.

Brazilian team leadership is a challenge, almost every time you win. Each successive draw will force the FA to start the team. I was relieved to play with Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. If you can stay away from Brazil's championship. I think the FA is too unjustified.

If possible, try to manage a national team of the national team, for example: If you manage the English League team, try to control England. There are usually many young talent in the league that you play with the exception of Brazil.

I do not usually choose the selected players, I just ask my assistant to pick the team. This option is usually available from time to time. If not, select the best team using the game filter, such as rating, etc.

4-4-2 tactics

Mostly I used 4-4-2 formations with both center backs / arrows down, wingers up arrow, and 1 fast arrow down arrow. The middle backsheet usually has a human mark and a seldom closure position. One of the midfielders is played as a defensive midfielder. Other will be on the back when the other team's opponents attack the team. The passage is shorted or blended, wide formed and fast set. Lifts and counter attacks.

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