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Do you think the gun is just one back?

In 2004, Nevada Wolf Pack Football Coach debut and new offensive strategy, Pistol Off is what he called. When Ault created the system, he designed it as a single assault attack. From the I formation and propagation formation, the Gun Attack was invented.

Gun is a hybrid of Shotgun Spread and a middle-algorithm. This new alingment is centered three and four yards behind the middle and tailback behind a few yards behind the backwash.

The purpose of this lineup is to get the dashboard close enough to the scrimmage line so that you can still read the defense and add a widespread attack to something missing.

With the back of the back that is right in the defensive center, it makes it harder for the defense to read on the sword and determine the direction behind the runner.

Blue Valley High School (KS) Steve Rampy changed the game. He devised and classified one of his back strategies and developed Pistol Off – Two Back Offense.

By bringing a full back to the mix and creating two rebounds, Rampy changed the tempo of the game and added the extra element that every oath you have to win! Now the defense has to read on two backs and continue to fight the striker.

Gun length returns the new dimension of the formation on both sides and allows them to attack the entire line of play. Gun Offshore – Two Back Off Takes Full Protection on Backfield The Offshore – Two Back Off gun is able to take advantage of the defense with its games with a whole new set of games designed around the backback. Finally, if you have a pistol length to make it more competitive, you will want to completely reset the attacker's arsenal. Pistol Offse-Two Back Off is what you need to overcome the competition by being able to create a new dimension with your games books with games such as the Fullback Trap and the Speed ​​Option, adding firepower and catching them flat-legged.

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