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Youth Football Quarter Triggers to Improve Your Techniques

I'm an earlier NFL Quarterback and there are some great backhand workouts that we can talk about today. These youth practices help you to respond to different situations in mobility, ball defense and game play.

Drill # 1. Globetrotter

This is an excellent drill for ball security. The quarterfinals move the ball with circular motion on their heads, under their arms, around their waists, knees, woven across their knees, legs, and finally "feet".

Which part of the coach shouts commands around the bullet – usually from the head to the bottom. The coaches also shout the "reverse" command, which changes the direction of rotation of the ball. This must be done several times.

The drill finishes with five "drops" – the shooter throws the ball and grabs it. It's done in five drops, with your hand and five drops with your hand.

2nd drill. Sweep and Optional Drill

Build a soccer field with a soccer field with the trainer in the "Running / Pitch Back" position. The coach must be in a position to go behind and down to the goalkeeper's side – where the runner's rear gets a bullet or an option.

The trademark command moves away from the trainer / he will be in the center for a moment. The Quarterback turns around and pushes the car into the car. (This simulates a boost sweep or a fast pitch game.)

Then step on the other side until each one has completed the pitch. Then the starting match will re-execute the course for the coach and all the other striker commands until both turn right and left.

Now the battle command executes the option the same way. If your type of option runs by your team has an internal or external dive dip, then this referee can simulate in the drill. In the optional phase of the drill, the trainer shouts and the center pauses and performs the pitch for the "pitch" man / coach.

Drill # 3. Triple Drill

Two steering tracks start with the right knee on the ground, ten feet away from each other. One of the field protectors has a ball on the ground next to his right foot. The referee holds the ball in his hand, the ball is attached to his ear, and the ball is thrown manually and directed to the football. Partner QB catches the ball, puts it to the ground, and exactly the same situation throws the ball back.

Referees continue to play in this way while the coach helps them with the finer points of the throwing techniques: lead the throwing elbow, ball on the ear and first with the wrist and then with the index finger after the ball releases.

4th drill. Three and Five Step Drops and Wave Drills

Begin with two balls (one ball) facing each other, 15 meters apart. The coach is ca. 7 meters from the ball owner. The ball is in the "middle" position with the coach.

The coach gives a command and the midfield performs a three-step drop with the foot on the third "staggered" staircase by "cutting / firing". The trainer then gives visual directions with his hand (for example, improves center focus by keeping the eye in mind) and the referee executes the right, left, forward and backward wave drum

The very short 3 meters of the drill both direction. The coach's last command is to "throw" the partner. The coach then turns around and runs the drill with the partner controller.

Main Stresses:

  1. Stand high.
  2. Qb needs to be very fast with his drip and leg movement.
  3. Make sure your head is constantly advancing in qualifying. Once completed, the drill can be executed on five or seven step drops.

Drill # 5. Boot / Sprint out and throw

Begin with two balls (one ball), facing each other 10 yards apart, but shuffled, giving a quarterback 15 yards to the right with the ball. The coach is on an equal foot in both centers.

The ball defender is in the "center" position. At the command of the coaches, the referee executes a bootle, forge a transfer on his left side, then pulls to the right and throws the ball into the leader of the partner. The match that has just finished throwing will return to its original position. The trainer turns around and the partner manager executes the drill.

After the boot phase is complete, controllers finish using the drill using sprint techniques. Then, both sides of the line moves up ten yards upwards and turns to run to the left of the drill. This will continue until the trainer finds that a sufficient number of repetitions have been made.

# 6 drill. Throw the Drill

Two sides face each other with 15 yards to each other, with a ball owner. As the ball guard begins to "run" to his partner, his partner backs. The midfielder throws the ball to the ball with his ball

As his partner catches the ball, he is now starting to run with the other chip. The qb runs and the back playing catches the football until his coach determines that sufficient number of duplicates have been completed.


All of these exercises by the coach are working on QBS with the perfect techniques of throwing, executing a boost sweep or option track and creating the right footwork. Particular attention is paid to the eyes and shoes at the center of these drills, and they greatly contribute to improving the efficiency and speed of qb.

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