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The most common penalties in (American) football

Everyone is "newcomers" for football when you look at the game, then you may think that anything goes. After all, this is football. True, there are rules to be followed and when an offensive player commits an offense, his team must be punished.

In the NFL, when a player makes a penalty, the referee announces the penalty to the whole world. She'll tell you what the punishment is and who it is. For example, he says something, "Holding, No. 74, Attack". This tells everyone that the number 74 was a criminal offense. You can run in NFL, but you can not hide it. When a player pays a penalty, the Referee (or another officer who has noticed the injury) throws a yellow "FLAG" (which is really weighted snooping) into the air. So, whenever you watch a game on TV and you see or hear the word "FLAG", you will know that a player has made a penalty. Although players may have multiple penalties, I mention the most common ones. Here are:

– Fake Start – This happens when a player moves or gets stuck in attacks (usually an attacking line) before the ball is pulled. This is usually a pretty simple punishment. This usually occurs because a player tries to jump to his opponent before the play starts and accidentally moves before the acne. The irregularity goes to 5 yards.

– Holding – this happens when a player illegally seizes his opponent. Although it may seem that possession occurs in almost every game, Officers have to choose their battles. Usually, unless it's obvious enough, officials leave it. The cost of betting for a team is ten meters away if Offense is five meters away and automatically the first if it is in defense.

– Offsides – usually in defense, but an offensive player may be Offsides. Offsides are displayed when any part of a player's body (outside the Center) is in or out of the neutral zone when the ball is cracked. The neutral zone is the scrimmage lines (or the ball length when the game is on the ground). The offsides team goes to five yards.

– Arms – This penalty is similar to Offsides, as a player moves into neutral zone before snap, but connects with an opponent to this penalty. The penalty is five meters away.

So, watching the game, find these common penalties. Soon you will call them before the officials.

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