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Slow defensive pass rush during playback of the middle screen

The Pass that most people think about when they hear the Screen Pass on the Mid Screen's running back. This is a simple screen that is ready and simple to perform. In fact, the game takes time to practice and execute and to set the right time to call during the game.

Why is the Middle Screen

Why should the Mid Screen be part of an attack packet? If you have any dropouts, you should be able to slow down the defensive line's rush. The defensive line-ups read the high hat, retreat the style to prevent the rebound pass and break Offensive Linemen with their best attack rush.

The middle screen takes advantage of the hard charge by inviting the rulers in the field and then releasing them to chase after a quick retired Quarterback who throws the ball over the heads.

The beauty of the game is that it will use the natural instinct of Defensive Linemen who does not want to be more than a part of the Quarterback against them.

Disabling the Middle Screen

Blocking the middle screen is very important. You must learn the attacker Linemen convincing but not convincing. The Defense Line must see that retreat looks like a pass and you have to feel the initial pressure to get when the guys pass.

As soon as they feel pressure and engage with the rush, the attacker Linemen frees the area and blocks the most dangerous threat he sees. We want to work from within, the Guard and Center focus on internal Linebackers and Meetings who handle External Linebackers.

Opportunities from the outside

The final screening of the Mid-screen roll is to build Safetes or Corners who are too worried about helping the Screen Pass. Get an external buyer for Security and put the other on the sideline.

This keeps the corner so much that you can put the game in the free box or leave the option to tag play and shoot a shot when the corners read the screen.

Pass and Catch

It seems to be the simplest part of the Middle Screen, probably one of the hardest. Tossing and catching can be an adventure at times!

Run will intensify as if it passes and you must pass the block in the same way as the Offensive Line sells the passive defense.

The runner must remember that the pass is taken behind the scrimmage line because the attacker Linemen releases the ball and then moves into the pass and then as the attacker Linemen lets him go around around the scrimmage line and shows numbers for the Quarterback.

Now the hard part. The Quarterback must be able to find this little run on four or more tops with the defensive Linemen rush, who are likely to be much bigger.

Quarterback also retreats as it does the difficulty level. When you're ready to roll, you have to stand and you have to do it, standing up high and giving yourself a chance to look at the rush.

The running backrest should be soft, one that the rear can easily catch and turn the field up. Since the attacker Linemen usually does not have the athletic ability of linebackers, the back often has to fight reading the linemen blocks and find the seams they create. A slow pass that allows you to easily catch and keep the ball safe, can run more runs during the run.

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