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Quarterback Training – Read protection

Football is a constantly changing game and tournament training becomes more and more complicated. Anti-reading is one of the most important football skills.

Knowing the defense is continually going through the process of training breakthroughs, which I watch for football training videos in three stages, in the movie hall, in the field, and in defense and management strategies.

Phase 1 The Movie Room:

1. Learn your opponent about the latest feature films

a. Learn what kind of protection you have, 3-5-3 4-3 defense?

b. Define their defensive tendencies when they pack the box, blow them, what blitzes are used, how to use protective equipment on blitz?

c. Find the individual players' tendencies. I once knew a quarterback / place kicker who every time he passed, patted his fingers as he approached scrimmage or when he was sort of a fake field or a point-to-point conversion.

d. Defensive players and units do not differ. Many players and units send telegrams to their defensive strategy. When you look at these idiosynthesis in the movie room, they are there.

Phase 2 During play:

1 Find the security you are in, and how many safes in the game when approaching the scrimmage line. Fuses are key to any protection system they will face.

a. If the protection has two security depths, all on the hash mark, this indicates the cover zone 2 protection. For each security at half the fields, the center of the field may be open to the close end or slot, or you can use a running game.

b. If you turn to one of the security reasons or move to the scrimmage line, the quarterback may refer to a blitz or a man-to-man. In both security areas, on the same side of the field, the centerpiece of a wide customer can be in a single coverage.

c. If a security line is up, we expect the defensive backstage to be entertained by men.

d. In the game, only one defense indicates that the defense is three defenses, and the field is third.

2nd Quarterbacks to read the corners. When playing near receivers, this usually indicates zone protection. If the corners stop from the receiver, this means that one is protecting the protection.

3rd Find out the differences. There are times in a game where the offense has a favorable deviation from the defense. Use this situation and get the ball for the best receivers due to the deviation.

4th Secondary schools and secondary schools tend to be less inclined to turn line supporters, such as college rankings. When a new defender enters the game, he immediately tries to investigate, there is a reason why he is not the starter.

Phase 3 Football Training Videos

Quarterbacks, is there any reason to study the same football training videos that defense has learned? There are several quality defense videos on the market by successful defensive coaches.

Studying football training videos will help you develop your football skills, can you read in the defense?

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