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Football Place Kickers – Kick Field Goals

This article is intended to discuss the location and teach football-kickers about the art of targeting the field. We can take the steps that are needed to get a successful seat.

The tips here for football-style kickers

1. Positioning the ball:

The player is playing 7 meters behind the center. For practical purposes, start about 20 meters from the targets. The sphere needs to be slightly backward, whether it is in the holder or placed in a shortsleeve

. Right kicker placement:

1. place. Take a step backwards from where the ball is placed.

2 .. Take two or more steps, depending on the comfortable zone, to the side, measuring the distance from which the ball will be addressed

3 .. It is very important that kickers always measure the same distance regardless of the distance that the goal of the field has to do.

4 .. The right angle for the ball to point and kick. Successful correct kickers enter the ball from the side of their side stairs. If the goalkeepers have made 6 steps to the goal, they want to reach 3 moves like approaching and kicking the ball

. Look upwardly, imagine the ball to pass through and share the goal positions

4. The ball is approaching the point of contact:

1: The landing tune with the plant leg to start the impulse

. Take the first step with the kicker's leg

3 .. Begin to get to the far end.

4 .. As you are ready to kick the ball, starting from the corner you will get a strong plant leg planted in the ground

5 .. The plant leg should point exactly to the ball, even with the ball and a ball.

5th Catching the Ball

1. Keeping the weight on the plant leg ensures that the body is facing the spinal column. The ball is bumped with the upper bones of the center of the foot

3. Kick the ball in the lower third, otherwise you risk the ball. Pulling the Bottom to Increase Height to the Ball

4 .. Keep your head down and follow the kicking leg as best as possible. If you raise your head early, the ball is to the right to the right and the left kickers.

Kickers have to perform 20 minutes warm-up exercises before practice. These warm-ups should include stretching exercises to avoid muscle removal and get the most out of kicking practice. Keep in mind that this is the quality and not the quantity that creates successful field goals.

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