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Football Games – Conducting Basic Offensive Games

When playing soccer or football, it's best to start with the basics. Football games are very complex and difficult to understand, especially at the beginning. Starting with the simplest games, coaches can ensure that players understand the fundamentals before moving on to more advanced maneuvers.

Every soccer game begins with defensive and offensive lines opposing the line of scrimmage. The center has its ball and holds the back guard between its legs. From this point you can only have three things: a punt, a pass game or a running game.

Forward Games

  • Go Forward: In this football game, after the midfielder gets the goal from the center, he retracts and starts looking for the open buck to pass the ball. The buyers try to stay open to catch the ball.
  • Screen Surrender: In this game, the referee takes over the receiver or runs along the fields behind the field. This position is good because there are fewer defensive players, but there is a disadvantage: the game is parallel to the line so defense has more time to set. Usually, another attacking player will run the receiver as a screen that prevents possible defenses.
  • Play-action pass: When the goalkeeper receives the clamp and returns, he claims that the ball is passed to the runner. While the defense is centered around the runner, the defender is looking for an open buyer. If players practice deceptive techniques, the game can be very successful. If they can not convince the defense, the defensive position is vulnerable.

Running Plays

  • Trap Game: In this most demanding runtime game, the back guard in the hand or the ball is left behind. Then the ball carrier tries to run through the defensive line, ideally through a hole created by an attack blocker.
  • Draw game: This basic football game is similar to trapping, but instead of getting off right from the back, the midfield retreats and calls for protection. He then releases the running backrest who is open to finish the game.
  • Sweep play: In this offensive game, the back of the hand or the ball is thrown by the runner. The running back runs around the defensive line without crossing it like a trap game. The head of this game is that the runner is generally open to playing the game in this area. The disadvantage is that it runs parallel to the line and takes enough time in the game to gain yardage.

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