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Explanation of football team formation

There is a lot of team information in football and each formation has its own strength and weaknesses. As a player it is important to understand the structure of these formations, especially the movement and positioning of the individual within the larger team building. Equally important for the coach or the manager to understand how the formations work, so they know the form in which they choose the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. I name some of the more widely used formations used in football, and I give advice to everyone, about 20 years of playing and workout, and about interacting with gaming experts.

4-4-2 Classic

The classic 4-4-2 form the bread and butter of the formation, as its name suggests, consisting of 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers / predecessors. This is the most popular formulation as it provides the most perfect balance of attack and defense, especially in English and Dutch championships. The 4-4-2 may be offensive and defensive, depending on the type of player in the team. The more defensive 4-4-2 will encourage man marking, two defensive middle midfielders and a targeted man's striker who returns and helps defend corners and free kicks. An attacker of 4-4-2 can rely on the well-trained and fast-winged backs and wings overlapping the wings with the zone marking. It's good to have a good 4-4-2, well-organized rear four defenders, with rear wings, who ideally have the preparedness and the step to defend, overlap and attack. The next requirement is that midfielders are high-performing, good at handling, good progress and close control. The combination of strikes is ideal for a high and powerful goal scorer who brings others into the game and is a short and quick target hunter. The 4-4-2 capability for everyone to understand the attack and defense. The English Arsenal football club is undeniably the attacking champion of the 4-4-2, with players with a strong passive ability, the first touch and the very fit and fast backs that overlap each other. For Arsenal Cesc Fabregas is the game of Eboue, Clichy and Sagna horseshoes, athleticism and pace. The backs of the wing are further supported by creative and offensive rogues, such as Samir Nasri and Theo Walcott, who are preparing for a deadly game. The short passage, in particular the crossing and efficient use of a "two-tier" triangle, perfectly compliments the 4-4-2 structure and is undoubtedly a perfect form for those teams that have been in possession for a long time.

Advantages – the most widespread football to date and, therefore, the simplest of the game, balanced by attack and defense, well-used opponents of attacking teams, well-suited teams overlap with the full back of the most widespread formation means that people knowing how to tactically exploit it requires defense and attacking powerful midfielders – attacking attacks, defending and defending, good positioning skills for all players, ideally gamers must have strong aftershocks – especially through the melee triangle [19659002] 4-3-3

4-3-3 is an attacking-minded imagination that Ajax Amsterdam has become known in the 70s, castles typically grouped close together and 3 predecessors who are typically a middle and two wing forward Accounting Act. This formation belongs to a team where there is a large number of striking or enthusiastic players in the team, but requires a very organized midfield who can defend himself as a unit. The three strikers have to be divided, the center must be forward in order to keep up and bring the wing forward. The 4-3-3 are perfectly suited for teams who like to attack their football because midfielders can quickly divide the ball with the wing advancing so each player can get extra attack, especially because of overload.

Advantages – good for teams who have strength attack, encourages full width on the pitch that extends the rest of the team's defense, good opportunity for the attacking teams, four defenders return the team's mind if midfiels or strikers fail to back the game .

Disadvantages – Less midfielder means exerting increased pressure on the back four, having a sufficient midfielder in the team with high work wars and defensive capabilities, capable of effectively lifting the ball, tactical exploitation of this formation by teams that directly play in the middle of the park.


5-3-2 is a defensive, with a back 5 and three of these midfielders and two strikers. Typically, 5-3-2, with three middle backs, one of which falls deeper and stops the game, the remaining two defenders usually occupy the back of the wing. In order for the rear 5 to work effectively, good positioning, communication and understanding must be provided. The three midfield players are usually located in the center of the park, one of them in the middle and two on one wing or three middle midfields. This depends on whether the team attacks the wing wings, if they do not have the skills, it would be better to play two birds. Strikers are usually clinically terminated when midfielder players are not offensive or good shot. Training 5-3-2 was used by the Rangers FC in the Scottish Football League

Advantages – this is a good formation if your team is playing a better offensive side, a crowded rear area to the opposing teams who find the strikers linking the shorts to a team of attacking wing attackers that provide good defense.

Disadvantages requires attack wings, requires a strong defensive leader to rearrange 5 long-term games in midfield missed numbers

4-2-3-1 Christmas Tree

The Christmas Character Ancelotti is famous when he led AC Milan, four defensive midfielders, three attacking midfielders and a lone attacker. The AC Milan team was famous for Gennaro Gattuso and Andrea Pirlo as the combination of defensive midfielders, beauty and beast. The Gattuso beast was known for the ball-winning defensive capabilities, while Pirlo became renowned for his transfer and the beauty of his vision to convey the balls to Ronaldinho, Inzaghi and Seedorf. is in good balance between the attack and the defensive, as he has received defense in two defensive midfielders during the attacks of the opponent. The design of a Christmas tree is tailored to teams with more defenders than the attackers in the team and teams that like to attack the attacks. Christmas tree formation is good if it serves as an alternative to the junior level of 4-4-2 as it teaches the team to defend and attack as a unit.

Disadvantages You need four talented midfielders / forwarders who ideally go some chemistry before, without it being low on the foreground ideas. The two defensive midfielders must also understand the positioning so as not to defend the defense and not increase the chance of misunderstanding.

Final Comment

There are currently some formations that are currently used in football, and the manager decides which form match players. As a coach, it is a good idea to test your players in the semifinals to evaluate their football philosophy (culture, attack or defense, experience), physical qualities (fitness, pace, power, jumping etc.), long shots, treatments, techniques. ) and their intellectual characteristics (teamwork, work rate, positioning, waiting, etc.). Collecting this information will help you figure out how best to be the full property of your team.

I would suggest that in most cases the 4-4-2 formation should be the best form, this is the most widespread formation, as the most appropriate balance between attachment and defense. It's also easy to have a less chance of confusion when the team moves from defense to attack and vice versa. The key of the transition is on a midfield that can effectively pass the ball through triangles, one through two, and overlaps. The midfield must also be able to turn back and defend when the attack is broken off, for example, if a central midfielder loses and does not return, this means that the central defender has to break the gap from the position, this opens a gap on the defense line. Ideally, the two central midfielders must have the following skills: fitness, endurance, passage, vision, creativity, work, cope, teamwork and cohesion.

It is equally important for players to understand how teams form, where the team must be in defense, attack, and transition. I would suggest that players stick to their stance, unless they have good chemistry and know how to overcome their shortcomings, Barcelona is an example of a team where players often miss, but always rely on teammates to cover the gaps.

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