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Defensive line in Miami 4-3 defense

Miami 4-3 defense was built in Miami by Jimmy Johnson coach and staff in the mid-1980s. His original purpose was to stop the Wishbone Option offense, which made the grinding team at Oklahoma University during the Barry Switzer Championship. In 2008, at Prince George High School, we decided to implement this protection. We felt that it was best suited to our staff. One of the biggest advantages of defense is that even though it has a 4-man defense front, it really has to run only two or even a real defense line.


Miami 4 – The front 3 contains two defensive ends and two defensive nuts. We declare our strength towards the Narrow End. For the purposes of this article, we will work with a Pro-I kit with a lateral end and a side wall and a split receiver on the other side. In the Front, the Weak End will align with a 5-technique, that is, offensive collision. Strong End will be a 9th technique in the shadow of the Tight End. The weak defender (we call the nose) is in a weak shadow or weak in the center. The strong defensive battle will co-ordinate with a powerful 3-in-the-shield guard. In our basic defense these defenders are shortcomings. Technique 3 reinforces the B-gap while the nose weakens the A-gap. The ends are responsible for the C slot is weak and the D slot is strong. DO NOT use the ends of the content! They scattered players in our aggressive defense style.

Our defenses are not a typical line of defense liners. You need to be able to hold the Quarterback, pick up the line leaders and throw the zone coverage through our blitz. We will use players who traditionally linebackers at these points. Our only real lines are the Tackles. If you do not want to flop on the rulers, the Hackers must be able to play a 3-technical and 1-technical game. We like this more than the player can play comfortably with his inner hand. However, if you use only one real Tackle, you can use a faster "wrestling" type player in the 1-technical nose. This allows us to move even faster at the track.

Spill Players

The player's defensive lines are attacking on his inner shoulder . This forces the ball to "go out" from the outside. From the outside, use the game Safetes (fourth cover) or Corners (cover 2). Defensive linemen can be played in 6 steps:

  1. Release: Remove the ball low and hard from the moment, step on to your shield where you shade.
  2. Engage: Shoot your hands on your neck. The outer hand will control your shoulders.
  3. Escape: In the third step, the rulers want to escape the Protector. They will be with their inner arms to gain their grip and work for football. Not just place it! Our defense lines are athletes, and we want them to play!
  4. Bend: Despite all downhill blocks, our defensive vessels immediately bend on the scrimmage line. We say to our lineman that they remove all the action from them as "Run Away" and start chasing them. If the game returns, you hit a bumper!
  5. Bad arm: When using an attractive line or other blocker, we use our outer shoulder to attack the liner's shoulder. We are aggressive by involving the blocker, attacking our body's outer 4/5 on its 4/5 side of the body. We want to shake the blocker. If we sharpen the towing, we force the game to jump outwards.
  6. Chase: When the game starts to turn outwards, we will close the pursuit angle in the line. We would like to say that when the runner is forced into the game (usually Security or the Corner), we can resolve the attack.

Pass Rush

Aggressive piercing players on the front – players who move laterally to many blocks – can sacrifice some of your passing skills. To overcome this, you need to teach players to read blocks of attacking rulers. If you can learn the difference between the downlink block, the block access, and the transfer, you can still get more. When reading the pass, the defense rulers are still starting from the third set OL, and now with the passive moves for separation. These passive movements have to be practiced daily in order to be accustomed to reading passive blocks.

Players must also practice bands. One passageway is that linebackers, security, and corners run out of coverage. Therefore, defensive ends must be players in the pass reader. It's extremely important not to let Quarterback get out of the backfield. The ends of the vertex endpoints are QB's outer shoulder on both sides. For Tackles, their target will be close to QB. We need to kick passers-by with active hands and controlled legs to get the blocker, but do not lose QB content. We want to force the QB to move in his pocket and make quick decisions. If the first four do not put pressure on the QB, we can be over a long night.


Miami 4-3 defense can be extremely effective protection without defending the defense. We can get more athletes on the track and we can do more to confuse the crime. The name of the game is speed and aggressive play. If the other defenders can rely on liners to turn the ball out, they can play faster and more aggressively.

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