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Dallas Stadium – where fans can play on the television

Football is a sport that has produced billions of dollars in secondary revenue. In addition to ticket sales and television broadcasting rights, the business of football has spent some money with money. Sport had a positive fiscal impact on sports cards and football cards, rubber rings, luggage rack accessories, beer sales, auto sales and over-exposed celebrity half-time. The influence of football is enormous in terms of the amount of money spent directly and indirectly. Consider building a stadium for $ 1.3 billion, billions a b. The Cowboy Stadium is the world's most expensive stadium and has spread the richness of design and construction fees all over the world.

Consider one aspect of the stadium for a moment; on the display. Each stadium has a screen so the crowd can feel at home and watch the game as they usually do at home, but they need to be dressed. The Arlington stadium used by Dallas Cowboys has the highest resolution video display in the world. How big is this? Let's start with some perspective; realtors in the United States something more than 8,000 square feet to make a mansion. At 11,520 square feet, the gigantic display is larger than most homes. It pulls up to twenty yards and fills the space between the twenty-yard line. The screen is made up of 10,584,064 LEDs that provide crystal clear resolution. It is the world's largest high definition display. There are four screens; two at the end of the zone and the other two at the edge of the path. Approximately 60 tons in weight and centered 90 meters above the playfield in a convex stadium. The smaller screens are still huge 29 feet tall and 51 feet wide. In addition to the huge central luminaires, there are nearly 3,000 smaller screens in the stadium. Fans can sit anywhere in the stadium and have a great view of the game without ever having to watch the field and watch real people playing football. The price tags are only $ 40 million.

The stadium itself is wonderful to see and change stadium construction in the future, provided the capital can do it. Most of the stadium's disturbing problems are the columns that keep the stadium. This stadium is supported by two massive arches that provide fans with unobstructed views of the field and any location on the screen. This ensures the retractable roof and the power to hang up to 60 tons of video. This is a state-of-the-art miracle with real-time concession sales reports, wifi access, many fiber optic cables to support the devices that have not been found in the future.

Dallas Stadium is the most expensive stadium ever built. While it was designed with many elaborate luxury boxes, the project aimed to provide the average fan with the best stadium offered. Thousands of people were able to take care of their family while making money to help build the stadium.

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