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Breakdown of football positions

Football is the most popular recreational sport among American boys and girls. Professional football has become more popular in the past decade. For these two reasons it is important to understand sport and football positions on the track so everyone can follow. Both teams have eleven players in the field, which can be classified into the following basic categories: predecessor, midfield, fullback, street sweeper and goalkeeper

Attacks typically remain in the attacking third of the field. They are responsible for most scoring. In most forms there are three attackers: one left, one striker and one right wing. The wings are outside and play on both sides of the field. Their primary goal is to get into the scoring position so when they get the ball they can shoot at the goal. In the case of a corner kick (if the opponent's team runs out of the ball outside the finish line), it is typically a forward forward who knows they are the strongest and most accurate goal in the field.

As their title implies, midfielders are in the middle of the field behind the balls. The number of team work hours can vary, but there are usually three: one left midfielder, one midfielder and one midfielder. This situation blurs the boundaries between crime and protection. They need to help protect them when the attacking team attacks, but they also need to stop the games and attack the attackers.

Their responsibility is to help the goalkeeper keep the opponent from scoring. There are three of them – one on both sides of the field (left and right), one on the center. Fullbacks are often used for free kicks or penalties because they are known for their powerful leg that removes the ball from the back field.

The last two men are an opposing team and a goal between the sweeper and the goalkeeper. The shooter is behind the midfielder and keeps the enemy's best goal scorer, often the attacking team striker. The goalkeeper is positioned directly in front of the goalkeeper and prevents the shots from reaching the goal line.

This is the classic formation of football positions on the pitch. However, different variations can be used for strategic reasons during a match. For example, some teams use four midfielders instead of the shooter to increase the number of attackers.

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