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Base Run Technique – How to properly circumvent the foundation

The shortest distance between point A and point B is straight. A simple mathematical formula that we accept is true, but is it true in every situation? Does baseball sometimes tend to bend to the laws of physics?

I refuse to say baseball does not adhere to the basic laws of physics and math, but baseball sometimes uses its own logic with other laws, such as this.

Logic is the fastest and most effective way to run bases to exit the batters box, take a straight line to the first base, make a 90 degree turn on the base and straight to the second base and so on until it returns the home plate and does not exceed 360 feet.

The only problem with this method is to stop or at least slow down the crawl without stopping the human body from reaching 90 degrees, which overcomes its full will to reach the distant base safely and quickly. Is there a way to get less than 360 feet in a shorter time? Perhaps illogically, the answer is very loud. Yes. 399 feet faster than 360 feet. The human body is a wonderful machine that can create astonishing tricks, but it has a limitation, and this technique becomes more important. Appropriate techniques allow the body to overcome its limitations and become really strong. This is what the right base runner techniques are met.

I will never forget my first small championship coach, saying she always taught a new skill as if she did not know what she was talking about, which helped break the confusion. Bear me if it seems elementary, but I accepted the coaching style, so follow the steps below. The first edition of the correct base run has nothing to do with the speed of the foot, rather the speed of the mind. The body reacts as quickly as the mind tells it, so it can make rapid decisions to make the necessary tasks make it possible for the body to respond to peak performance

When it comes out of the box, it hit the field, our eyes went away from baseball tracking he immediately picked up the first base. Half or two thirds of the first starting point must be in the wrong place.

2. As you see the first base coach wants to move to the second base, it will gradually slow down to the first base, a backward movement approaching the first base -and a straight line with the second base. Place the base body with your right leg in the base, leading to the second base.

Do not change your steps or speed so that the right leg can touch the base or the inside of the base. This is the optimal running mode, but the most important goal is not to lose speed and not to go straight to the second base.

3. As you run to the second base, quickly pick up the third base who directs what to do. If the game is in the left or the left middle box, you can see the ball handling and you can make a decision about whether to stop for a second or a third.

However, if the game is in the right or right center, you have to grind your neck to find the ball that will turn your shoulders and slow down. In this scenario you have to rely on the coach. Moving to the third base moves into a slightly better box, back to the back (19459003) C, that pushes the base with his foot and pushes directly to the third base.

4. The inside of the park is very rare in the domestic races, but the small league is very possible. If he woke at home, take the same back seat as the left-hand field, pushing the base with the foot and direct the way home.


1. Always slide to your home disk. One that you will not deceive a recipient who behaves as if there is no game when actually the throwing is about to happen. [19645002] 2nd There is less chance of injury if your mind prepares your body to slip as it is practiced, instead of the last panicked second unpleasant hit.

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