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Using Geometry in Football

Many people around the world love football at different places. Over the years this wonderful game of teamwork and skill have learned the attention and heart of many. So where's the geometry in the picture? Geometry, a mathematical subject that focuses on the forms, dimensions, dimensions and comparative positions of different shapes, can in fact be considered as a practical area that plays an important role in football. After all, those who know this sport know that they include much more forms, areas, and measurements than players formed formations.

The soccer field

One of the basic concepts in geometry is symmetry or balance. If you look at different football fields, you will find that they all appear evenly. What you find on one side is replicated on the other. This is a literal representation of the equal playing field.

Basically, a football field is rectangular. There are certain lengths that are expressed in meters or meters when measuring a rectangle. Of course, you will see that there are other forms to be found in this area: the penalty area and the penalty area, the center, the target area, and the corner zone.

when he signs flags on football. Therefore, the indicator must ensure that these meet the requirements. I myself have experienced the calling of actual games. In my observation, there are arcs that look like normal melons. The ball posts may be round or square if the width is the same as the goal line. It is also important to note that the standard measurements are applied to the penalty area and to the middle circle. For example, the penalty area must be at least 44 meters long and 18 meters wide. In fact, symmetry can be vital if you want to determine the target targets and the target area.

When designing and marking a soccer field, perfect symmetry is absolutely necessary. The above standardized measurements must also be met to allow the area to be adopted by law.

The Football Ball

Geometry is also essential to determine the type of ball used in ball games. Of course, one of the basic requirements is that the shape of the sphere is round. If not, then the ball should not be rolled or used in the game. In addition, the district around 27-28 inches is mandatory. There are also laws on the geometric regulations of the soccer ball. Although improvements and innovations have been made to increase the ball's ability to increase the number of goals, standard requirements remain the same.

The Football Game

The knowledge of angles and measurements makes significant use of football players during the game. The winner finishing the passes greatly improves when players know how to determine the nails. For example, if an opponent passes the ball to a teammate, you can quickly move the player's relative positioning in the field by blocking the pass or hindering their path. And if your teammate passes the ball too "square", it will make it harder to access the attacking third.

If you are an attacker, it will help you use wider angles. Instead of applying a straight line, you pass the ball wide angle and reduce the risk that an opponent will catch the ball from your side. Indeed, this example is an excellent application of knowledge from angles. Of course, footballers do not have to be in good geometry to be able to do so. However, studying geometry for football greatly contributes to making more trial and error attempts.

It is important to know about angles when loading a goalkeeper. Placement of the goalkeeper is indispensable to narrow the angle through which the opponent can reach the goal and the score. However, it does not work the same for the operator. A ball point often slips out of the goal line when they face sanctions. This also happens when attackers arrive. Using geometry here, you can notice that you have to reach a shorter distance with the same angle so that the triangle has a slit at both sides. In the team-making decision, triangulation has a huge impact on football.

In fact, geometry is a big player in football, where basic techniques are used and where team information is concerned, as well as the technical aspects of the technique and the ball used. Consideration should also be given to symmetry. Using geometry, you will know how to properly tag the bow and avoid the center of the circle being oval, rather than being perfectly round. If this happens, the ball will not turn to the right and the goalkeepers tend to stay on the finish line when the attackers come. Geometry is definitely key to football.

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