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The style of Charles Dickens writer

Charles Dickens has a very distinct spelling; writes poetically and uses a lot of satire and, consequently, humor. Since Dickens began writing literary career for newspapers, most of his stories are episodic. He is the master who uses this method in his stories with rock earrings that can make his readers interested in his stories. Dickens uses characters idealized in his books, which is, in itself, a very bad thing because an idealized character has no place in his book. But Dickens does not perfect all his characters, but rather uses his idealized characters to face the ugly side of life, which is so often depicted. Oliver Twist is an example of one of his idealized characters; during the book, Oliver is involved in a number of experiments, including an evil orphanage and a small training center for thieves. In all of this, Oliver's naive and his values ​​are never compromised, even if he is in a very difficult position. Seeing the ugly circumstances that Oliver often took, no wonder Dickens decided to idealize Oliver and give the reader some love. If Dickens did not idealize Oliver, the book would be very dark and very little fun.

Dickens likes incredible circumstances in his books. In Oliver Twist, Oliver turns out to be the nephew of the wealthy, high-ranking family who saved her from the robberies of the thieves with which Oliver fell. These incredibly random compositions have been made popular by Dickens, but are used in a variety of ways. While other authors of the era used the method to use simpler pictorial stories, Dickens is based on the approach that good will sometimes overwhelmly triumphs over evil, and uses the method of incredible circumstances to present its prospects. 19659002] Karolina's Christmas is one of the most popular Christmas stories. At Christmas Carole Dickens uses music and mysterious ghosts to create an old sadness with the Christmas message. Ebenezer Scrooge is a very wealthy businessman who makes the money his life less fortunate and a lot of interest. This often leads to customers, but Scrooge is selfish and does not care what happens to others until his cash increases. Here Dickens criticized the rich upper class in London, which largely ignored the starving population outside the window. At Christmas, Scrooge is visited by the spirit of his old partner. This is the ghost, or the horrors that accuse him of murder in the afterlife. As the ghost disappears, Scrooge tries to convince himself that Ghost is not coming at all. Here Dickens criticizes top class citizens in London. They make their lives as if they are not obliged to help other people unless they give a few pounds a day for the poor. They whistled in the dark that they lived their lives, and that was what Scrooge wanted to do.

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