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Management of Customer Disputes – B.L.A.S.T

In a not too distant future in a restaurant that is not so far away, phone rings, customer complains … and battle begins

Customer complaints are not always a battle, you can use it for your benefit; to help build your business. B.L.A.S.T is a great tool used by companies such as Yum! (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, A & W and Long John Silvers). Training for employees on the basics of handling customer complaints. Acronym is the following term:



Forgive me


Thank you

How does your business deal with customer complaints? The simplest way to find out how to pick up the phone and play the role of the complainant client. What happened? If you were an irritated buyer, would you come back? By using the B.L.A.S.T guidelines, you can create a standardized method for handling your complainants and convert them into loyal clients.


This is the cornerstone of handling a user complaint. Yes, the client can lie and be wrong about their situation. It's important to understand that your client believes that your facility has violated them.


Stop and listen to your client's complaint. I'm not sure of natural instinct or simple stubbornness. As soon as a client complains, we begin to think about how we will respond to the accusation before we end in silence, and too many times, the answer is ready to fight. Take a second, relax and listen. Occasionally, a complainant client will be rough, angry and vulgar, the course will remain calm and advanced.

When the client is ventilated; calm, doomed, repeat their problem. I used an example at KFC for a bad pack:

"What I heard you say you paid for 10 chickens and when you came home you only got 8, right?"

By repeating the problem, that he can tell his client that he has heard and understood the problem.

Listen to it and clarify it. Never defend or justify. The client does not care if you have a short or bad day, just make sure you take care of it. No objection, no solution.

Please apologize

Always apologize, even if you have not done anything wrong. From a customer point of view, they have a legitimate complaint and are apologizing. It may be as simple as "I'm sorry we loved it." or "I'm sorry, I know it's frustrating to have dinner with my family, just to do everything there when I get home." Sincere apology usually diffuses a lot of frustration that the customer needs. However, this rule is an exception when the client complains about critical complaints such as food poisoning, but does not apologize for accepting guilt, but refers to company procedures for such events. [19659002] Satisfy

Right. Ask the customer: "What can I do to do this?" Let the judge be fair, of course, but allow them the opportunity to feel above the situation. They may often be asked to take care of their next visit or perhaps talk to the person who made the mistake and corrected them. We used a great system to apologize for personalized postcards, some of the handwritten sentences (often with spelling mistakes from team members), but personal and always well received. We've always begun the unexpected, maybe a free dessert or a separate extension to show that we care about them.

Thank you

Initially, in the end, in the middle; no matter, thank you for calling and complaining.

Why? With a simple complaint, your client tells you that "you care about your business and your successes". They give you the opportunity to solve the problem and invite them to give more money. It's bringing another centrifuge, is not it? Thank you for giving you this second chance to let you know that something in your restaurant does not work as usual to give you the opportunity to be right and not damage your reputation.

Reputation? I had to drop it. You work hard every day and try your best to do your best business, and yet an unhappy customer can take it away. Happy customers will tell two or three friends about a good experience, but unhappy clients tell at least ten friends about their experiences and always grow mouth. The point is, when I was relocating to my new hometown, I was at a chambers of commerce and the new man was in the group, I presented myself and what we did. At least five minutes later, I got a list of 10 restaurants around her who, in my opinion, "needed my services". Only one man gave me a good restaurant. I did not ask, they said. To this day I have not been in such restaurants yet, why would I want to give them my hard work when they made my new friends unhappy? It can not be a rational thought, but human nature.

Are you taking advantage of your kindness? Of course my thumb in my restaurant:

First shame on me,

Second shame on me, but I notice you,

Third … Shame on you and I will decide how I will deal with you as a client.

Keep track of who is calling the complaint, names, phone numbers for tracking, postcards address. By using binder and tracking complaints, you can identify and deter those who take advantage of new complaint procedures.

Adding BLAST to the Expanding Toolbox of Customer Support Tool helps you manage your customer complaints to tell your friends what a great service they are!

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