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Jay Cutler – High School Football Biography Sister in Santa Claus, Indiana, Playing Quarterback

Jay Cutler was born on April 29, 1983 and long before the National Football League (NFL) touched the track, he grew up in a small Indiana town with Santa Claus, Indiana's conquering name. As a high school student grew up in rural Indiana Jay playing football at Heritage Hills High School in Lincoln City, Indiana. Both Lincoln City and Santa Claus are located in the south of Indiana. Lincoln is a short five-mile drive east of the Christmas Blvd. when he comes from Santa Claus, Indiana, and where the kids go to Santa Claus to the nearest high school.

Early in the day, Jay Cutler had many promises to throw the ball. As a teenager at Heritage Hills Patriots in Lincoln City, Indiana Jay moved his high school football team to an excellent 15-0 record for a state championship win at the start of the season. Indeed, during the last two season games of high school football, the preparatory team started 26-1 record as a starting team.

In the perfect season Cutler as a leader, his stats where he is completely mocking. In speeding up the 15 wins, the Patriots averaged more than 44 points more than a player. Over the course of the season, the team to which Jay Cutler was featured collected 746 points, while the opponents had collected 85 points in 15 games. These numbers are the same as the Heritage Hills High School, which Cutler played nearly 50 points per game, compared to the offense with less than 6 points. These unmistakable averages were greatly influenced by the 90-1 victory over Pike Central Chargers from nearby Pike County Indiana.

The major contributor to the controversial nature of encounters is the fact that not only the Heritage Hills High School team has a future NFL Pro Bowl champion in the center but the level of competition is far from what Cutler is in the densely populated area would have competed. To illustrate this point, the Pike Central team, which the Cutler-led team is well-known to score 90-0, has a total of 672 listeners. It is often a player who can cutlery against schools in the three or even four-fold neighborhoods of Pike Central's student population.

Jay Cutler's primary praise for Jay Cutler's efforts -Team All-State Selection During High School Years. In addition to the three sports stars, he also won the All-State qualifier in basketball sports, and a respectable mention that All-State boasts of the baseball team of his school.

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