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How can simple lemon cure the liver and the body and benefit from cancer and HIV / AIDS

For many years the lemon is sitting awkwardly among the other fruits. As the kids knew that lemon became bitter, and so we often came to our special mysticism.

In recent years, lemon is used to control the spread of HIV virus, research into the killing of HIV virus.

Dr. Peter Piot of UNAIDS welcomed the discovery that lemon juice draws HIV into the test tube and states: "UNAIDS wants to give (Roger Short Professor and the" LemonAIDS "team any incentive to continue this exciting new leadership. "

Healthy healing of the liver is a critical step for the health and healing of both cancer patients and HIV / AIDS patients.

Dr. Leo Roy MD, ND [Immune Perspectives] "Disease, especially degenerative diseases, including cancer and AIDS, may last more than a week in the presence of a healthy liver."

People working with HIV / AIDS have recently discovered it. simple lemon extra virgin olive oil and their mixing (with lemon peel and seeds) and spring water bottle and half can bring amazing results in daily drunkenness.

Lemon and extra virgin olive oil, combined liver and gallbladder, liver detoxification, reduction of bilirubin levels, removal of heavy metals, increased hepatic output from the liver, restorative lymph circulation and saliva pH restoration.

Liver is actually the most important body of the immune system that produces chemicals to fight viruses (including HIV) and bacteria, supporting phagocytes [immune function] and generates antihistamines to neutralize substances that promote cancer growth. If the liver does not function properly – and the toxins are blocked – the body's immune system severely weakens leading to chronic illness. Lemon and extra virgin olive oil not only prevent chronic illness but also translate it.

Mark Konlee says Reverse Immune Disorder – "The two arms" of the immune system – TH1 and TH2 are usually linked: strong one, the other weak and the visa. Lemon / extra virgin olive oil has been reported to equilibrates the two arms of the immune system, which are both suppressed by the immune system and autoimmune diseases (including HIV / AIDS and cancer). "

For cancer patients, it is of great importance to restore normal alkaline levels to 7.0 or higher. Lemons are the highest-fat food on one side of the planet, and if consumed on a daily basis (especially in shells and seeds), the pH level will increase in the body and will be very alkaline at 7.4 or higher, making it difficult for cancer cells to survive thanks to the amount of oxygen present. Most cancer patients have an acidic pH below 6.5, which means that normal cells are not able to breathe or "breathe" properly. This mutates cells and becomes cancer. This discovery was made by Dr. Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg who discovered that cancer cells develop only in low oxygen conditions. So simple lemon can help fight cancer.

Lemon and extra virgin olive oil also help to reduce and restore bilirubin levels in liver cancer and liver disease. Increased bilirubin level is the most important indicator of impaired liver. Recently, a liver cancer patient with a steady high bilirubin level of 36 (excluded from chemotherapy) was first introduced to lemon and extra virgin olive oil. On Thursday he drank the first and only drink. The level of bilirubin was measured 3 days earlier and was standard at 36. On Friday (one day after the first drink), the bilirubin level was 28, then two days later and 22 (near normal) levels. This was the usual skeptical woman.

So, next time you're walking a lemon tree, consider how simple lemon how and how to start war on two of the world's most destructive diseases – cancer and HIV / AIDS.

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