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Youth Soccer Games – Learning Attack Lingo

One of the most important things that coaches and players need to understand about the terminology of football is the learning and training of youth football. For many beginners, youth football will be the first exposure of organized sport. By letting the important language pass, coaches can be sure that offensive players are fully understanding the games before they go to the field.

Attack Terminology

  • Hole – a youth football game refers to a hole attack point in the field. The holes are usually numbered from the outside by the middle / protection gap ("0") with odd numbers on the left and right numbers. In the attacking field, the guard is always "1", the back "2", the backback is "3", etc.
  • Blast – an explosion is an offensive game that targets either the guard / tackle gap
  • Diving – Diving is one of the most popular youth football games and fullback is a fast-paced game, usually in a short yardage position.
  • Wedge – a youth football game, a wedge game in which linens use their body to increase their strength. Instead of blocking the defending players, each player moves his shoulder to the side of the line on the inside, then uses the defensive to play with his assembled weight.
  • Power – In a violent game, all attacking attacks attack the same hole
  • Scramble – a splash usually refers to a game in which the striker sweeps the sweep hand and then turns to the other side.
  • Sweep – Sweep is a youth football game that the referee catches, then you either let go, or the ball throws the runner to the back and then descends into the field.
  • Pitch / toss – a pitch or throw game where the game quickly gets the ball in the running back, just like a sweep, but instead of moving the ball in the offensive line, the runner goes out of the guard and receives the ball from a track or throws the center
  • Audible – is heard when the referee changes the game
  • The backs refer to the attackers: the awesome player, backs and backs.
  • Blocking – In a football game, blocking means what attacking players are doing to protect defensive players.
  • Eligible buyers – players on the offensive side who are legitimately eligible for a forward-looking take over during a game
  • End zone – the end of the field where the attack must hold the ball to score.

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