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Leadership Expectations – 20 Expectations for Leadership Success

How many times have individuals taken on leadership positions without actually knowing if their own leadership expects them? This is especially problematic for those who are leaders for the first time. As a leader, I have always considered it important, but I was inspired to share with my leadership what I expected from them to be a leader in the organization. Of course, the turn is always fair play. They are individually shared with me what they expected from me as their leader. Sharing expectations has not only enabled us to come together faster than to become a powerful executive team, but it has given us the opportunity to jointly create the best staff for the organization as a whole.

Below is a list of 20 executive expectations that I have shared and found valuable in creating a strong leadership team

1. Honor each other – everyone should be fine. Do not be confrontational. They maintain their self-esteem. Be sensitive to the tone of your voice and the words you speak. Give people the deserved respect and dignity. Do it with others as you do them. Trust in people and respect the best they offer. You must always be in partnership, become part of the same team and everyone will benefit from the success of the organization.

2nd Act with integrity, honestly, and do the right thing. Always always tell the truth. Then you do not have to try to remember what you said. Choose the highest thought for something when trying to decide how to act.

3rd Motivation with a Quest; from the heart leads to passion and compassion. Give people a compelling reason to participate in this body. Employees are much more likely to put their hearts in the game for a manager who passes through the face of inevitability and presents mankind. Have a passionate faith in your ideas and values. Say the words "I Think" and share your thoughts with your team. Encourage people! Find out that his true power comes from within, the source that utilizes every success.

4th Be Adaptable. Be creative. You have to do something else to do things. Find a way to always improve. Be prepared to think new thinking if you want to create another (new and better) reality. Lighten others to "think new thoughts". Keep in mind that change is part of the natural order of things. You have to change or leave. Be comfortable when you let go of the past in order not to go to another future.

5th Select battles – learn about your negatives. How to handle the crisis, determine whether it will intensify or disappear. So pick up the battles wisely. There are some things that are not worth fighting now. Timing is all !! Do not let the problem be confusing. Work it out. Quickly recognize and deal with problems.

6th Opening of communication. Removing obstacles that inhibit the organization's learning, growth and continuous adaptive ability during progress. Create an organization that allows sharing and flow of thought and information to work lightly as part of the process for greater good. Learn to hear and cope with the blows as you follow your faith. Take the heater and go on

7. Go into the wheelbarrow! We are all together or crashed – this is a partnership. People need to know that everyone, including you, is together in this. You have to understand the success of the success of the driver's success.

8th Always look for ways to improve something (remember, everything can be fixed as long as you do not need it.) Be creative and new ideas and ideas. Find ways to always improve, find new ways to win. Do not get involved, "This is what we've always done," because if that's true, it's probably time to change.

ninth Longing for the future, not from the past Put the team into future thinking while bridging the gap between the past and the future. Find a way to create not only a vision but also a "vision". Do not forget to imagine it before you can, you have to do it before you can do it, before you can do it and if you can, you can claim it – SUCCESS!

10. Working Urgently You need to understand that there is no unlimited time! Everything has a deadline and nothing forever. An urgent and purposeful leader, knowing that what you are working on is just one step ahead of the next opportunity ahead of you and your team.

eleventh Creating team ego – uploading people around you. Place the group first. Bring around people to make you feel better. People are proud to be part of the team. Let people know they are "making history" every day. Center is a success around team performance. Creating a Team Culture with Common Values ​​

12. Do not just go through the day GROW during the day so you can get more tomorrow. Always Search for or Create Opportunities for Members of the Team Every Day to Develop and Develop Remember, the more you get, the more you can offer it not only for your team's success but also for your personal success. 13. Meetings: get in – get out! Quite a word, literally!

14th Promoting and supporting balanced work life. Remember, people are not working; they work to live. That's why they embrace the fact that they live outside their work, and that's right. Lead us with the knowledge that people live within a holistic system that includes what is happening inside and outside work

. Show recognition. You personally recognize it. Understand that your team is the most valuable resource. This is what your leadership and success as an organization are unique. He recognizes that his team has a unique qualification to be successful in the organization. With the unique talents, experience and expertise within the team, the difference between success and failure is revealed. There is no other team than there is on this planet, so let it run like this.

16th Communicate what you want. Learn the Dangers of Assumptions There are some meetings that inform people. People can not blame or take responsibility for what they do not know. Make sure the message is understandable. We just do not suppose people know what they want.

17th Be your own messenger. Be practical, talk to the team (every day), strengthen your vision and keep it up. Be visible and let others see you. Let the team listen to you and see it coming from the future, as opposed to the past.

18th Definitely walk – be an "intentional leader". Decide to succeed and make it happen. Forget the "try" because there is no such thing. Or you get the desired result or not. He decides to be a successful leader. Learn about other successful drivers' approaches. Learn what works and what does not, and find out what works best for you.

19th Do not be afraid to cause failure. Take personal responsibility and pride for whatever you are responsible for. The bug is part of the driver package. Do not be afraid of mistake, do not be afraid to be mistaken, part of the process. The bug is just another class at school. Keep in mind that if it does not succeed, it quickly becomes uncertain, learns, and moves forward

. Always "serve" Everything that a leader has to do must strive to cultivate the environment that makes people better. Stay in service to others and to those who depend on whether you are driving.

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