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9 Steps to Coaching Call Center Agents

The call record method is, in my opinion, one of the best approaches for coaching agent phone calls and quality assurance. Here is a 9-step plan to effectively develop call center callers' telephone calls:

1. Randomly 2 -3 phone calls are recorded. Random recording is important. Do not pick up the 3 calls back or the same day as the employee has a bad day and this may be reflected in an afternoon call, but may not necessarily reflect his typical performance

. Review the calls and record your strengths and opportunities. Before discussing your employees, listen to your calls and record what they did well and identify the potential for improving performance. Play a tape and let your staff listen You do not have to answer while playing a tape.

4th Receive your employee to the tape. After playing a cassette, ask your app to respond. Most workers are too self-critical. Your employees are likely to offer a lot of opportunities for development and the fight to formulate what they did well

. Call the call. Use the "sandwich" approach. Tell your colleague what he has done, then get a constructive feedback and then close it with positive feedback. If you offer constructive feedback, share one opportunity for development. The employee has probably observed and has declared more development opportunities, so there is no need to try to mention them again. They mention a thin thing that the employee did not put up and offered it as a constructive feedback

. Commitment to improving performance. Ask a colleague, "What concrete steps will you take to improve the next 5 days in this area?" Describe what the employee says and repeat it. Summarizes the session by repeating its strengths and making it more confident that it can improve in the identified area

. Repeat steps 2-6. Steps to a second, possibly third, tape if needed. The point of many recordings is that an employee can respond defensively to just a "bad" call. If this is the answer, you may want to go through a second or a third tap

. Tracking the next agent before a coaching session. Check your coaching sessions with your colleagues to keep the commitment at the highest level. You can tap your employee base by e-mail or personal conversation.

ninth Discuss repairs in the next gym. Before listening to the next coaching session, ask your staff to move forward for the purpose of the last session. Find corrections for calls reviewed in this session

This 9-step customer center brokerage model is simple, clear, and both praise the staff and support development opportunities.

When you follow this 9-step step, you determine your performance expectations, so the trainer can effectively and consistently motivate your employees.

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