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Las Vegas Sky Diving

Las Vegas's thrill lies not only in casinos and deserts, but also in the sky, while making it one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Some Las Vegas Extreme Sports Centers with tandem jumps and accelerated free fall (AFF). Enjoy the sights of Las Vegas Strip. Mount Charleston. Red Rock Canyon as you prepare for your life. It will be released for 60 seconds and a 5-7 minute parachute drop will suffice to ask for more.

Las Vegas Skydiving Center

The Las Vegas Skydiving Center offers a tandem jump with a trained jumper in a good physical condition for over 18 years. After a few basic courses, you'll go upstairs and climb up to about 2 miles above sea level and fly for nearly a minute at a speed of 120 km / h, then down to the ground in the square parachute. With more than 14,000 jumps, Las Vegas Skydiving Center is the most experienced hockey player in Nevada. Jumpers who are looking for serious cruise ships, accelerated freefall or AFF. This basically follows a 7 jump course followed by unique wedding trails!

Programs and Prices

Tandem leaps cost $ 185. But wait for the discounts during the special seasons, such as the early fall sales event. An advance payment of $ 29.75 is required. Advanced Free Fallback Programs (AFF) start at $ 99 in primary school and $ 224 at program level. Once you're finished and ready to jump to the salon, you can continue at the Las Vegas Skydiving Center where you can hire equipment and get training hours to clarify the navigation technique.

Skydive Las Vegas

Located in the southeast of Las Vegas at 1401. Boulder City. Skydive Las Vegas is an extreme sports center with permission to land parachutes at Boulder City Airport. Fly to the Cessna P206 drop zone or a Cessna Super-Turbine Caravan. For $ 249 a tandem jump from 15,000 feet, you can discover the joys and the freedom of weddings. An advance of $ 50 per person is required. Discount prices are offered at different times of the year and worth considering. Also consider taking your home digital photos or video to remember a lifetime experience. Take the airport by yourself or book ahead and get a shuttle pick up at a central location on the Strip. The shuttle pulls itself to the pick-up point.

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