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2 Important football techniques for defense

You can not win a football game without using a stunning soccer technique for defense. Let me give you a brief insight into the defensive strategy. The defensive strategy is just about to approach the ball to the opponent's goal.

  • The Team's Compact Formation
  • The defensive strategy only works if the coach is able to properly train the team and help the team retain the compact form. If the team retains the compact form, it will do some important things for a defensive team.

    For example, a compact team means that a ball player can quickly be attacked. This ultimately prevents the ball from being played forward. If this does not prevent him, at least he can delay the ball forward.

    Another advantage of a team with a compact form is that the challenging player gets immediate defensive support. The role of the coach is important here. The coach must teach the team how to cover up a team player who challenges the player to the ball.

    The trainer also teaches players to mark an opponent in the field of the ball and occupy the ball at an important place on the goal side. The team has many advantages that have a compact form, for example, players will be available to track their opponents forward.

  • Reduce your chances of targeting
  • The trainer should also teach players how to lower the odds of further developing the goal. For this, the trainer must teach within and around his own penalty area to achieve certain goals.

    For example, you should try the first ball. They must move toward height, distance and width to clean the bullet. They also need to know how to protect the remote post area. Last but not least, they must learn how to avoid being in the defending third of the field.

    When training defense soccer techniques, a coach must teach the defenders to stay in a triangle with the ball position, the position of their immediate opponent and the center of the goal

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