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Offensive Line Cutter Drill – The De La Salle Tennis Court

Tennis ball drill for offensive liners

This is a drill used by many teams to get their offensive lines away from the ball. First I learned from California Concord De LaSalle High School. Yes, the school with 151 winning streaks. This is a great drill for guys who are coaches in youth football.

De LaSalle football coaches rightly believe that the keys to the big attacking line will be faster than the first 2 stacks than opponents in the first 2 stages. I noticed that the De LaSalle lines came from the ball, and it was quite amazing during the television game where the prestigious Evangel High School came from Louisiana. While Evangel had a number of divisional outlook on his offensive line and averaged over £ 50 per person as De LaSalle, De LaSalle just dominated the line.

This is a drill used by youth football teams to play line-playing and speed:

Put the line leaders in two groups, the right side in the center of the line and the other on the left. The players at the beginning of the line quickly and perfectly execute the first two steps within the stairs at a 60-degree angle from knee to chest until they reach the "Six Shooter" level. The second step comes at the same angle as the first step is placed. The second step can be done with bent knees and when the foot is down, the forks come up to feed the blower together with the company.

After taking these steps back, add the coach with the help of the tennis ball. The trainer is at a 60-degree angle inside the attacking rulers and in about 1 yard on the 60-degree course. In the instantaneous counter, the attacking line leaders take the first step as outlined above and then along the second line along the above technique to the trainer. The coach in the casino dropped the ball straight from one meter high. The ruler must make the 2 perfect steps with the proper technique and catch the tennis ball before it reaches the ground. Change the distance and height to force our attacking line leaders to reach the individual speed potential of the drill.

Both lines are our centerpiece alternatives, as they need to enter both directions. This is a drill that is used in Figures 4-5. We'll be back on the week after the kids have mastered the basics and work on more advanced skills. This is a great change at a fast pace, it works and kids love it.

See how this football drill helps attackers get faster from the ball and allows them to lower their opponents faster. This will allow you to play football more accurately and efficiently when you combine with the right blocking technique.

With over 15 years of practical experience as a youth trainer, Dave has developed a detailed systematic approach to youth players' development and teams. Up until now, 97% of his own team has been awarded in 5 different leagues.


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